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Free Classes

Christiana has always dedicated herself to tarot education and tarot community..

Christiana brings her enthusiasm and experience to each class. You will enjoy the opportunity to gather with likeminded people, and to learn from a world class tarot instructor and author.

Free Webinars

Christiana is passionate about providing tarot education to everyone with an interest in tarot, from beginners to seasoned professionals. She presents free webinars regularly. This is an opportunity to enjoy a class with Christiana at no cost.

If you have never tried a webinar, you will be surprised at how easy it is to do, and how comfortable it is to learn in the Webex environment.

If you have never studied with Christiana, take this opportunity to get to know one of the world’s foremost tarot instructors. You will be impressed with her expertise and her teaching style.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy Christiana’s free webinars, and to view them in archive.

Premium Classes

Christiana teaches premium classes for your small group worldwide via Skype, or at your home, shop, office or church in South Florida. Christiana structures each class to deliver the most information possible in a fun, hands-on format. As a Certified Tarot Grandmaster, Christiana has achieved the highest level of certification available in the field of tarot. She brings that knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to each of her classes. Premium classes are affordable, enjoyable and convenient. Call 561-655-1160 to schedule your premium class with Christiana.

Premium Webinars

If you are serious about tarot, you will be delighted with Christiana’s premium webinars. Christiana brings decades of tarot study, practice and teaching to each webinar. Whether you are building a foundation of tarot knowledge, expanding your spiritual horizons or creating a professional tarot practice, Christiana’s webinars will help you get there, easily and affordably.

After the webinar, you will be able to refer back to the information you received by viewing the class in archive as often as you like.

Studying Tarot TogetherTarot is a book of spiritual wisdom in picture form.  Through its study, we learn about ourselves, and about the world around us.

When we study tarot together, we develop relationships, not only with the cards, but with each other. This is one of the many ways tarot enriches our lives.

Tarot is a powerful psychic tool.  Through its use, you will unlock your own intuitive talents, and develop a sense of connection with your spiritual source.

Tarot is a tool for introspection, self-discovery, divination, magick and community building.  All over the world, people are discovering tarot as a potent ally for conscious daily living.

Our mission is to provide the very best in tarot education for students of all levels of tarot experience and interest.  On this site you will find free and reasonably-priced study materials, and the opportunity to study online with tarot friends worldwide.

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